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Triangles is a rare digital currency with low inflation rate with a very rare supply of only 120,000 MAX!Triangles is a Rare Cryptographic storage of wealth coin.

Every full node connected to the Triangles Network are rewarded up to 33% interest per year to secure, maintain and validate all transactions on the blockchain simply by holding and storing Triangles in your wallet!
Triangles uses Proof of Stake to validate all blocks on the network making it very energy efficient and ECO friendly! No expensive mining hardware necessary!

Anyone with a computer and a internet connection can instantly join Triangles Network and start earning rewards!

Triangles is currently faster and has lower fees compared to the bitcoin network.
Start earning today! The moment your TRI enters your wallet it starts earning rewards! Start with as little as 10-30 TRI in your wallet today! (Source: Website)

Operating Since: 01.01.1970
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