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Triangles is a rare digital currency with low inflation rate with a very rare supply of only 120,000 MAX!Triangles is a Rare Cryptographic storage of wealth coin.<br /><br />
Every full node connected to the Triangles Network are rewarded up to 33% interest per year to secure, maintain and validate all transactions on the blockchain simply by holding and storing Triangles in your wallet!<br />
Triangles uses Proof of Stake to validate all blocks on the network making it very energy efficient and ECO friendly! No expensive mining hardware necessary!<br />
<br />
Anyone with a computer and a internet connection can instantly join Triangles Network and start earning rewards!<br />
<br />
Triangles is currently faster and has lower fees compared to the bitcoin network.<br />
Start earning today! The moment your TRI enters your wallet it starts earning rewards! Start with as little as 10-30 TRI in your wallet today! (Source: Website)

Operating Since: 01.01.1970
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