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Stellar | Move Money Across Borders Quickly, Reliably, And For Fractions Of A Penny.Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. (Source: Website)

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Thoughts on Stellar's Randos Per Week in the context of increased crypto awareness

In their "Stellar 2018 Roadmap" (see Thoughts on "Stellar 2018 Roadmap") Stellar jokingly (at least I hope so) shared the critical indicator for a decentralized protocol” (original emphasis), namely randos per week (r.p.w or rpw; number of random people talking about crypto) and promised equally moonish growth. Although meant as a joke there is some truth in…

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David Mazières Chief Scientist Technical

David Mazières is a professor of Computer Science at Stanford…

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Jed McCaleb Developer Technical

Jed McCaleb is a co-founder of Stellar Development Foundation. Previously,…

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Łukasz Lachowski Developer Technical

Lukas is a passionate software developer with a crush on…

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Nicolas Barry CTO Technical

Nicolas is excited by turning potential technology into something practical…

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Scott Fleckenstein Developer Technical

Scott has been writing code professionally since graduating from high…

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Rafał Malinowski Developer Technical

Rafał is a software developer with great passion for C++.In…

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Bartek Nowotarski Developer Technical

Bartek Nowotarski is a software engineer focusing on web applications…

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Greg Brockman Board Member Business

Greg Brockman is the former CTO of Stripe, which he…

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Shivani Siroya Board Member Business

Shivani is the CEO of InVenture which facilitates financial access…

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Joyce Kim Board Member Business

Joyce was a VC at Freestyle Capital and an entrepreneur.…

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Keith Rabois Board Member Business

Keith has been a key player in shaping the future…

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Boris Reznikov Partnerships Business

Boris loves thinking about ways to drive growth by building…

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Brian Gale Growth Business

Brian is passionate about technology and innovation as a tool…

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Ella Qiang Partnerships China Business

Ella is passionate about the intersection of finance, technology and…

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Lisa Nestor Partnerships Business

Lisa is researcher and business strategist with a passion for…

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