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Sustainable Crypto Currency Mining. Be part of the green mining revolution. Decentralized Validators are an integrative part of the blockchain philosophy. Hydrominer operates at the core of the blockchain providing the computational power for the blockchain, using only renewable energy. (Source: Website)

Operating Since: 18.10.2017
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Website: https://www.hydrominer.org/

Appcoins - product rewards matter more than financial rewards

There are four ways how Blockchain-based companies are, in general, re-creating current applications: Enhancing current products Building centralized products with tokens Re-creating applications in a decentralized way Innovating new applications This is a series of posts, in this post I will cover “Building centralized products with tokens” Read 1. Enhancing…

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byte heroes, HydroMiner, and Wysker — first ICOs in Austria and Germany

 In the last couple of days four ICOs have been announced in the DACH-area: HEROCoin by byte heroes (Austria’s first ICO) H2O by HydroMiner wys by Wysker (Germany’s first ICO) CTD by Cointed Here I will cover HEROCoin, H2O, and wys. As Cointed was accused of fraud, it deserves a…

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