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Spam email demands your attention for free. Not anymore. Now be compensated with the token Credo through the cryptocurrency spam solution BitBounce. Credos create a market for email that allows users to charge to recieve emails from unknown senders.
Email That Pays. Yess. (Source: Website) Credo is the token for the e-mail spam fighting solution BitBounce. With BitBounce one can whitelist e-mail-adresses. Each e-mail that then comes from a whitelisted e-mail will get delivered as usual. If the e-mail, however, is not whitelisted, the sender will get an autoreply by BitBounce informing her that her e-mail cannot be delivered and if she wants her e-mail to be get through she must pay a fee using Credo. Credo has been trading since September 2017 (ticker CREDO) and has, among others, Tim Draper as an investor.

Operating Since: 13.09.2017
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Blockchain and socio-technical systems - diffusion through hybridization

There are four ways how Blockchain-based companies are, in general, re-creating current applications: Enhancing current products Building centralized products with tokens Re-creating applications in a¬†decentralized way Innovating new applications This is a series of posts, in this post I will cover the first approach: Enhancing current products through hybridization Startups…

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