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Civic Secure Identity EcosystemWe are giving businesses & individuals the tools to control and protect identities. (Source: Website)

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Blockchain and social networks: unbundling, and re-creating the stack

Given Facebook’s recent issues in the context of Cambridge Analytica and the resulting #DeleteFacebook, blockchain was quoted as a possible solution to Facebook and social networks in general. There are several ways how Blockchain-companies are building a new „Facebook“. However, before looking at their strategies it is important to define…

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THEKEY THEKEY Project Team is now developing an identification verification (IDV) tool with blockchain based dynamic multi-dimension identification (BDMI) by using Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which is exclusively authorized by government authorities. (Source:
Selfkey SelfKey is a blockchain based self-sovereign identity system that empowers individuals and organizations to find more freedom and privacy through the full-ownership of their digital identity and instant access to a wide range of financial, immigration and cryptocurrency services. (Source: SelfKey is a blockchain based end-to-end digital identity system with an integrated marketplace, designed to put identity owners in control of their personal data. (Source: and Verification