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SBC Platform SBC Platform ? automated platform for ICO preparation The world's first automated ICO preparation platform designed specifically for the needs of startups and SMEs. Sign Up to Buy SBCE Tokens and Get Bonus. (Source: Website) SBC is a platform, which provides automated full cycle ICO preparation services for anyone planning to run his or her own campaign. It aims at giving startups and SMEs with small budgets the opportunity to launch an ICO for as little as 5000$. Cost reduction is possible due to automatization of the most of the processes, such as WP development, creating smart contracts, customer agreements etc. Expert consulting expenses are reduced through the embedded training programs availability and up-to-date analytics from the platform professionals, which are made to increase the ICO related competencies of the users. The platform’s mission is to promote and popularize the ICO as a fundraising tool and to make it accessible for the wider circles of businesses. (Source:
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