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Pecunio Pecunio - safe and easy blockchain investments Pecunio is the safe and easy access to the future of financial markets. Easy registration; Safe transactions via only one dashboard; Safe wallets; Professionally managed crypto funds. ON PECUNIO! (Source: Website) Pecunio is a decentralized investment platform that solves the problem of crypto spending and allows safe and easy management of blockchain assets. The latest addition to their product portfolio is a gold-backed token: Pecunio will exchange physical gold in worldwide branches for tokens available as cryptocurrency on the blockchain. One Pecunio Gold Coin (PGC) represents exactly 1 gram of segregated, unallocated 999.9 fine gold from LBMA-approved refineries. Gold has always been the perfect hedge against volatility and will now be available in tokenized form as “Gold-2-Go”. In times of market turmoil, the PGC token will additionally be used as a tether, but with distinction to existent models of being asset-backed by real gold. The company’s first minimum viable product, the Pecunio cryptocurrency fund “PCC” was successfully launched on 4th of October 2017. It already generates real revenues and indicates the sincerity and mentality of the project before having an ICO. Pecunio was also elected preferred partner of ICONOMI, so the well-diversified and risk-adjusted portfolio is traceable on their platform too. (Source:
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