Newsletter: is this fud? Blockchain governance is hard (duh) Coinbase is growing


somebody does not like Corda:


But if everybody is watching, it means nobody is doing anything so nobody can watch everyone watch what they are (not) doing?

What? Does that count as FUD?

EU, please let us keep our memes
EU, please let us keep our memes

Anyway, Corda, the Consortium behind enterprise blockchain r3 is not as inactive as the tweet might suggest. For instance, Commerzbank is collaborating with them. In case you are wondering what else Commerzbank is up to, head over to our teardown in Everything Commerzbank Is Doing with Blockchains. For example, they are working on Marco Polo, a blockchain-based solution to solve issues in trade finance. And if you want to hear about more issues in trade finance, you should check out our Using blockchains to solve issues in trade finance.

Moving on to:


A couple of days ago, EOS went live and it was everything else but a smooth ride. In his It’s Too Soon for On-Chain Governance (Coindesk) Michael J. Casey gives a good overview. Although we do not agree with everything he said that, it is worth a read because it gives a good overview of the case. One thing we agree with, though, is;


“Blockchain governance is hard.” duh.

Obvious, but important to keep in mind because Blockchain Governance is essential. In fact, we believe it to be one of the Cryptoeconomic Primitives and blockchain building blocks. However, as EOS shows there are yet not best practices, but rather a range of approaches. In Blockchain governance: takeaways from nine projects we look at nine such approaches. Read it here.

The EOS case also shows that:

Another Cryptoeconomic Primitives and blockchain building blocks are token-curated registries. In Reducing advertising fraud with adChain’s token-curated registry and Proof of Location: Geospatial data on blockchains you can read how they work in the advertising industry and location determination, respectively. Similar to Blockchain Governance, they are still in development. Moshe Praver, COO of MedCredits, a blockchain-based marketplace for medical services, elaborated on Subjective vs. Objective TCRs. Good stuff. Read it here (Medium).

Also: Coinbase is growing. big time.

Bloomberg reported that Coinbase’s Custody Service has ten customers. In How Coinbase is building a crypto empire for users’ crypto lifecycles we already looked at how Coinbase is working on offering everything people need when dealing with crypto. Their Custody Service is yet another addition. Also, if you are interested in Custody Solutions, head over the Medium and read Jean-Philippe Jabre ‘s A List of Cryptocurrency Custody Solutions for Consumers and Institutions.

Also, also

Mike Maples, Jr. ’s post on Crypto Commons (Medium) about how blockchains can turn the tragedy of the commons into the wealth of the commons. It is important to not forget the non-tech influence blockchains can have. The post does a great job at this. Read it here (Medium).

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