Market map: blockchain startups working on decentralized exchanges

Similarly to dapp browsers, exchanges are another essential gateway for the crypto world. In the context of security breaches and issues with regulations, decentralized exchanges are popping out as a solution to centralized exchanges.

Looking at blockchain startups building decentralized exchanges shows that there are not that many — only some 20 (see below a map of selected decentralized exchanges).

Overview of selected cryptos working on decentralized exchanges (From: Researchly)

What can be seen further is that there are several ways how these projects are approaching decentralized exchanges:

Applications with their own token

Those are cryptos that are building the end product, the decentralized exchanges directly and which have their own token. Examples include IDEX and EtherDelta

  • IDEX Membership profile here
  • EtherDelta Token profile here

Applications built atop other platforms

Refers to projects that are also working on the end product, the DEX itself, but building atop other platforms. One example is OpenLedger Dex which is built atop Bitshares.

  • Bitshares profile here


Those are platforms which are used by other projects as a backbone for their decentralized exchange. In addition to the above-mentioned Bithshares, there is, for instance, Komodo.

  • Komodo profile here


Refers to projects that — similar to platforms — can be used by others to build decentralized exchanges. Examples include 0x and Loopring.

  • 0x profile here
  • Loopring profile here
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