Coinbase acquires Dapp browser, Golem Beta live, JPMorgan sued over cryptocurrency fees

newsletter / week #15


besides prices that have been going up this week, there were a range of other interesting news:


Analysis and repots published this week on Resarchly

Recreating Facebook using Blockchain

With Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing and #DeleteFacebook I looked at how Facebook could be recreated using Blockchain. I concluded with the following framework:

Rebuilding Facebook using Blockchain

Read the full report here: Blockchain and social networks: unbundling, and re-creating the stack

Dapp browser market map: 14 projects working on Dapp browsers

Dapp browsers are often the first entry point into decentralized applications. On the one side, they help developers distribute their apps and, on the other side, they are useful in driving the overall adoption of blockchain. Now, after Coinbase’s acquisition of the Cipher Browser, I thought it would be a good idea to get an overview of other dapp browsers.

Dapp browsers market map

Find the full report here: Dapp browser market map: 14 projects working on Dapp browsers

Crypto regulations and decentralized exchanges

Similarly to dapp browsers, exchanges are another essential gateway for the crypto world. In the context of security breaches and issues with regulations, decentralized exchanges are popping out as a solution to centralized exchanges. In “Market map: blockchain startups working on decentralized exchanges“ I look at which projects exist and how they differ (there are Applications with their own token, Applications built atop other platforms, platforms, and protocols)

Market map decentralized exchanges

Read the full report in Market map: blockchain startups working on decentralized exchanges

Cool reads

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  • Doubts about the Long-Term Viability of Utility Cryptoassets (Medium)
  • Blockchain is not only crappy technology but a bad vision for the future (Medium)
  • Tech Thinks It Has a Fix for the Problems It Created: Blockchain (nytimes)


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